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Revival of the Welsh Language

 One of the main constitutional aims of Plaid Cymru is "To create a bilingual society by promoting the revival of the Welsh language". This aim has been a core part of Plaid Cymru since its founding and remains so today.

The results of census published recently have demonstrated that the Welsh language still faces significant challenges. Also, the passionate response by many people in Wales have shown that we have the commitment and determination to secure a future for our language.

We believe that the Welsh Government, Local Government and other bodies can take positive steps to support the Welsh language. Steps such as:

  • Reforming how Welsh is taught and used within the education sector. This includes provision in Further Education Colleges.
  • Reforming Public Sector Procurement, applying Welsh language clauses as social clauses.
  •  Ensuring that there is specific reference to the Welsh Language in the Sustainable Development Bill, and that the Welsh Language Commissioner sits as an ex officio members of the proposed Independent Sustainable Development Body
  •  Implementing the Standards from the Welsh Language Measure to effectively to deliver real change, for example, by ensuring that Local Authorities promote Welsh language education and services and provide leisure activities through the medium of Welsh.
  • Further, support Local Authorities in becoming Welsh speaking workforces.
  • Establishing a Civil Service College in Wales, with a strong emphasis on the Welsh language as a core skill.
  • Ensure all those who are employed by the Welsh Government are supported in learning and using the language.
  • Supporting the call for the devolution of broadcasting to the Welsh Assembly.
  • Examining the work of the Mentrau Iaith, and how they could be converted into social enterprises.
  • Investing in childcare available through Welsh, and investment in adult learners.

Plaid Cymru wishes to hold a discussion with the people of Wales to ensure that we have the correct policies in place to implement when we lead the Welsh Government.

We have published a document as the basis for a discussion on the future of the Welsh language.

The document is available here. You can send us your comments by contacting post@plaidcymru.org.

Over the coming months we will be publishing a number of papers on our website and holding public meetings open to all who have an interest and a passion for our language. We do not wish to be party political or parochial as we go about our work in holding the discussions and forming policies, the future of the Welsh language is far too important to act in such a way.